The film starts out with a giant bunny named Camaro attacking Tioga, Pennsylvania. He then goes to Mansfield PA. and throws cars everywhere. Brandon Nichols, a witness (one of thousands) sees and hears people scream and when he dosen't see Camaro at first, he tells his grandma whats going on and after he walks down to the office of the Mansfield Inn, he sees Camaro and after he sees kids running from him, a tanker truck kills the first 8. The rest run the other way to try to get away from the flying cars but are killed when they are flattened by a Lamborghini. Another pedestrian, Peter Ludlow is decapitated when a pile of bricks fly off a building. After that a car runs into the Mansfield Inn. After Camaro attacks Wellsboro PA, he attacks NY and then the film ends.