At the start of the fillm, Jessica Wilkinson, John Wilkiinson, Makayla Simpson, and Jack Simpson are at their home when a magnitude 7.4 quake happens and then they all die susequently. Later news reporter Jessica Garner, finds hidden information that the world is going to end in 54 days. Just after she gets information to the president with her smart son Brandon, a magnitude 9.6 happens and kills the president. She later adresses the nation that in only 54 days, the world will end. Two days later, when she's just getting ready for work, Godzilla has apeared Downtown. But he break dances onto one of the news casters and kills him. Later a 9.2 strikes San Fransisco. Making the Golden Gate Bridge to collapse. Then Zilla appears in New York City and completely destroys it. he then creates a wave 3,000 ft. high and then it shrinks as it goes through New York City. And then Jessica Garner faces the most terrifying tornado in history, an F6. It grows to an F8 and obliterates St. Louis. Her boss reporter is killed in the twister but somehow she and her son survived. After Godzilla falls into the ocean, he finds Spongebob and tries to kill him but he can't. Three hours later, A Meteor shower strikes New York, killing several people. Then a pile up on the Brooklyn Bridge causes it to collapse. And then a Giant Chicken, Cat, Snake, And Dog all battle in Tioga and completely destroy it. Then a magnitude 10.5 happens and destroyes it. Later a wave comes and destroys the now fixed Tioga killing Kiley Coolidge. When the water recedes, Gordon Silbeman tries to get a helicopter out of Tioga before they all die. It explodes killing all but Gordon. Later Godzilla finds Bikini Bottom and completely obliterates it. Giant Cat destroys New York and battles ZIlla. And then a heat wave of blast h2o energy that obliterates anything in its path, and that's hotter than the surface of the sun, comes and almost gets Gordon, Tristan Parker, Justin Garner, and Brandon Garner as their mother is doing a news report but gets in the Ambulance. Donovan Tice is later killed when the back doors slide open. They make it to Williamsport pa. Just before it stops killing Gordon. The film ends with Jessica and her son Brandon remembering happier times.