Goofball is an american unknown genre film that is about a series of earthquakes and the struggle of the survivers


At the start of the film, Taylor Swift and her son Brandon Swift are in Tioga pa., after they finish eating dinner, a 5.6 magnitude quake happens and they get under a table but shortley after, the quake stops. Across the street, Kiley Coolidge is playing with her friends when the porch on the second story collapsed, killing all of them.

Later a 7.6 aftershock hits destroying Brandon's house and then it kills his dad. and then at the funeral home Taylor goes into the toy room for the kids and then right when they walk in, a 10.5 happens and kills all the kids that where in that room, except Brandon. all but Taylor and Brandon were killed in the quake as Brandon and his mother got under a table but the rest didn't. and then after the quake a 10.6 aftershock strikes New York City killling 9,654,789 people throuugh out the city. And then a 10.9 strikes wellsboro killing all but Taylor and Brandon as they got home in time.

a 4.5 strikes and then that leads to a 10.3 that completely obliterates Tioga pa. Veronica Swift, Brandon's 25 year old cousin, finds them escaping Tioga and she jumps in their car. they head for the Arnot Mall but when they get there, a 11.3 happens when they get there and that kills people in 3 states. The death toll 13,789,523. Taylor picks up a family along side the road that just had a family member killed in the 11.3. They pick up the family in a Hummer that some how survived a car accident. they drive outer state to washington D.C. riht before an 8.5, a 10.9, and a 10.6 strike the rest of pennsylvania. Hybrid Theory, Pennsylvania is built to survive and earthquake over magnitude 12. But a magnitude 13 quake strikes washington d.c. and rattles the pennisula right on the east side of Chesapeak bay and it breaks off.Taylor is killed when a magnitude 14 quake strikes making the car explode. and then a magnitude 15 quake strikes, ending the film.


A sequel is planned for release in 2096 and to come out on bonus dvd in 2105.