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Jurassic Park: Survival was a third Person Resident Evil styled action/adventure game, that was to be released on the PlayStation 2 in the Summer of 2002. The game was canceled due to conflicts with Vivendi over payments. Released previews and screenshots show that most of the dinosaurs featured in Jurassic Park III were included. These are:

Four types of military enemies were to be included also:

Since the game was never completed, it did not receive an ESRB Rating. It is speculated, though, that it would have received a Teen rating.


You were to play as David Vaughn, a security technician who is caught in a deadly situation. Following familiar Jurassic Park themes, JPS takes place on a secret third island, which is populated with a wide range of dinosaurs that exist both in the wild and in contained security areas. The U.S. Government is concerned with the possibility of their future growth and overpopulation, so it sends off a huge security team to the island to work alongside scientists to study their behavior. Like Dennis Nedry in Jurassic Park, a shadow organization weasels its way into the story, by locating a government insider on the security team. This secret company desires the power of generating dinosaur DNA and in an act of espionage, it launches an all-out attack, taking full control of the island. You manage to escape momentarily, and find yourself in various strange, new situations throughout the game that make up the title's core. Seen from the third-person perspective, Vaughn was to explore the island, finding and rescuing scientists and other security members, locating new weapons, and discovering phenomenally large locales, such as swamps, dense forests, huge underground caves and networks of tunnels, and military outposts. Unlike previously thought, this game was not going to be based on Jurassic Park III.


In preview videosTemplate:Fact, The game looks like it may have played a bit like other Survival/Horror games, such as Resident Evil, or Dino Crisis, with a few differences. One of the differences between JP: Survival and other titles like Resident Evil is that it seemed to focus around using climbing, crawling, rolling, shoot rolling, jumping and other platforming strategies to outwit the dinosaurs instead of trying to take them head on, guns blazing, which looked to get you killed and eaten very quickly. For example, Vaughn could choose to face a hungry Velociraptor, using his weapons, and kill the creature (A good solution to the problem but not easy on his health.), or he could choose to try and escape by running and climbing over a chain link fence. Puzzles were also to play a major role in the gameplay, which was noted in this excerpt of an IGN review of the game: "JPS looks to straddle the line between Tomb Raider-like exploration and puzzle solving, and Metal Gear Solid-style action. Players will find many different kinds of puzzles to solve, naturally built into the environments, but must manage their weapon inventory while fighting off swarms of Compys, or teams of Raptors, in the process of opening up the right security gate or locating a safehouse. Some levels require all-out fire, while others necessitate well thought-out strategies to outsmart the clever Raptors, who set traps for you and play tag-team to snag you for a quick dinner." Another important factor was to be the environment. Early listed levels for the game were:

More were most likely planned before the game was cancelled. An arsenal of weapons was also to be included, three of which were revealed before the title was cancelled, which were:


The game was to support Dolby Surround Sound, and in the preview, was chock full of chirps, screeches roars, hisses and other ambient sounds true to the environment. The dinosaurs were to sound more or less like their movie counterparts, and many sounds, from discharging pistols, to splashing water were all very high quality.


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