Justin the Dork is an American monster tv series that is about a 5 year old kid eating a giant whopper and then mutating.


The first episode starts out with a kid ordering a giant whopper at Burger King and after he leaves the building he is as big as a Tractor Trailer. When he gets home he is as big as a 2 story building. After one day he is as big as the Statue of Liberty. He is so big that when people are running from him, they will run thousands of miles if they have to. The episode ends with Justin going to the East river to sleep.

The second episode is called "Justin vs. Donovan" and is about Justin and his second cousin going on a disastrous rampage. The first scene shows Donovan and Justin in New York City smashing anything in their path. The second scene shows Justin seeing a plane and then he jumps hundreds of thousands of feet into the air and catching the plane and bringing it down with him but it later explodes. They then push down any tall skyscrapers they see. They then go to L.A. but then they get stuck in Boston because they thought it was north of them. The next scene shows the Hollywood sign falling down and Donovan pushing down the w. They then anniahlate Tioga. Then after they anniahlate Mansfield PA., they head for New York. They then destroy the Brooklyn Bridge by jumping on it.

The episode ends with the Armageddon Chrysler Building falling onto the streets below. The third episode is called "Tristan" and starts with Justin's brother Tristan waking up from the Pacific Ocean and then heading for a repaired Los Angeles. He then knocks down the biggest building, so far, by jumping to the top and then falling on it. He then finds Donovan and they fight for three hours, Justin Included. Then Justin gets defeated by surrendering to Tristan. Then Donovan gets knocked out Justin runs to San Fransisco and is seen ripping the trollies apart crying and killing everyone in it. Then Donovan comes back and Justin and Donovan destroy the rest of San Fransisco.

The third episode is called "The Revenge of Tristan" and does not yet have a plot.

Written by: Brandon Tyler Nichols 11 yrs. old


The title is called Justin the Dork becuse Justin Nichols in real life is always gettin into trouble.n


The series will debut on November 10, 2012 because that's Justin's birthday.