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MegaFault is a 2009 disaster film, directed by David Michael Latt, starring Brittany Murphy and Eriq Lasalle [1]. It is one of the last films which has Murphy in it, as she died several weeks after its premiere.

Plot Edit

In West Virginia, Charley "Boomer" Baxter is controlling the position of mountaintop-depletion blasts. He detonates the TNT, and an enormous earthquake liquefies the area. After a few hours, Dr. Amy Lane, a government seismologist, reaches the quake's epicenter. Dr. Lane realizes that the primary quake has opened a deep fault which runs through the center of North America. Dr. Lane and Boomer must run toward the mighty break in the ground, inventing a plan to stop the next quake.

Cast Edit

  • Brittany Murphy as Dr. Amy Lane
  • Eriq La Salle as Boomer
  • Justin Hartley as Dan Lane
  • Bruce Davison as Dr. Mark Rhodes
  • Paul Logan as Major Boyd Grayson
  • Dana Tomasko as Female Tech
  • Anya Benton as Radio Dispatcher
  • Jack P. Downing as General Banks
  • Sarah Garvey as Jerry Blair
  • A.J. Haut as Guard 1
  • Sheila Heubach
  • Andrew Stephen Pratt as Officer Armstrong

Production Edit

The film is a Sci-Fi original movie and is Brittany Murphy's final TV role as she died unexpectedly on 20 December 2009.

Soundtrack Edit

The soundtrack featured include Victoria Mazze, Chris Ridenhour and The Divine Madness [2].

Release Edit

It premiered on 10 October 2009 on the Syfy channel [3] and was released on DVD on 24 November 2009 [4].

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