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Template:Infobox film MegaFault is a 2009 disaster film, directed by David Michael Latt, starring Brittany Murphy and Eriq Lasalle [1]. It is one of the last films which has Murphy in it, as she died several weeks after its premiere.


In West Virginia, Charley "Boomer" Baxter is controlling the position of mountaintop-depletion blasts. He detonates the TNT, and an enormous earthquake liquefies the area. After a few hours, Dr. Amy Lane, a government seismologist, reaches the quake's epicenter. Dr. Lane realizes that the primary quake has opened a deep fault which runs through the center of North America. Dr. Lane and Boomer must run toward the mighty break in the ground, inventing a plan to stop the next quake.


  • Brittany Murphy as Dr. Amy Lane
  • Eriq La Salle as Boomer
  • Justin Hartley as Dan Lane
  • Bruce Davison as Dr. Mark Rhodes
  • Paul Logan as Major Boyd Grayson
  • Dana Tomasko as Female Tech
  • Anya Benton as Radio Dispatcher
  • Jack P. Downing as General Banks
  • Sarah Garvey as Jerry Blair
  • A.J. Haut as Guard 1
  • Sheila Heubach
  • Andrew Stephen Pratt as Officer Armstrong


The film is a Sci-Fi original movie and is Brittany Murphy's final TV role as she died unexpectedly on 20 December 2009.


The soundtrack featured include Victoria Mazze, Chris Ridenhour and The Divine Madness [2].


It premiered on 10 October 2009 on the Syfy channel [3] and was released on DVD on 24 November 2009 [4].


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