The film starts out with Michael Gordon Getting arrested and as he is going to the car a Boeing 757 flies over the scene and then crashes in to a building. He then steals a jet from the airport of which he is at and then takes off and then shoots down the plane that bombed that plane. He then escapes and lands in the front yard of the white house and then tells the government that all air is restricted over Missouri. he then heads for the Washington D.C. airport and hijacks a Boeing 747 and then files it and then attempts to kill all the people by blowing te plane in mid air but then a jet collides with it and they explode in mid air sending parts to the ground. The next scene shows a plane landig but another plane that was hijacked collides with it sending the front end rolling down the runway. Only the pilots survived the crash. Later over New York City, a Boeing 767 Crashes into the empire state building but another plane crashes into the other side sending the building to the ground. Air Force One is Hijacked by 5th graders who sneaked on to the lane for a field trip. they blow up the cockpit and then they die in an explosion of sparks which hits both and melts their faces. Two seconds later the whole front end of the plane explodes killing everyone. It hits a Cessna and then both explode in mid air with the rear of the plane hitting the ground. 6 Days later a Cessna 234 crashes into the Gateway arch killing millions of people. Then the film fast forwards through one whole year of crashes and then the film ends with a normal speed scene over New York CIt