The film starts out with Anakin fighting with Justin Skywalker and Tristan Skywalker with a light saver. Then after there done, Luke skywalker comes in to take Justin's life saver so Camaro Skywalker (a Bunny) can play with it. Jessica Skywalker comes in to interrupt and tell them that a bomb has been planted on the ship. They get Selena Skywalker and her children to safety just as the ship explodes. They find a new ship but Gage Skywalker is killed when a gas line hits him in the face. Taylor Skywalker, Lukes mother, gets injured in an accident with another ship. They both collide killing Selena Skywalker and knocking Anakin into acoma. Jessica Skywalker and her daughter, Anna Skywalker, and her son, Austin Skywalker, Take over as Taylor is resting. Anna accidently spills juice onto the overidde button and the self destruct button and the ship self destructs killing Austin Skywalker. Luke Skywalker is almost killed but is saved by his mother. Anakin has a heart attack and has to be killed but Luke won't let that happen. Just as Anakin goes into acoma, Taylor Skywalker falls out of bed and breaks her hand. Anna throws a doll at Kilborn Skywalker and kills him. Her mother Jessica Skywalker punishes her and after that she starts to kill the Pollute army with toys. Jessica is injured and later dies after Anna hits her in the face with a hammer. Anakin wakes up to find his aunt dead on the floor. Luke Skywalker gets struck in the face by a meteor and later gets knocked into acoma by another one. His father, John Skywalker is killed when he goes out into space in a mini sub when it explodes by a comet. Later it hits earth and causes the Earth to explode. Later Tristan Skywalker is killed when he is struck in the face by debris from an explosion. It also kills Justin. Luke tries to kill himself but his mother stops him. His mother dies right before the ship explodes killing Luke, Anna, Anakin, and the rest of the Pollute army. Soon after the explosion, the film ends.


  • Brandon Nichols as Luke Skywalker, Father of Justin, Tristan, Selena, and Anakin
  • Taylor Swift as Taylor Skywalker, Luke's Mother
  • Gabrielle Austin as Jessica Skywalker, Luke's sister
  • Tristan Parker as Tristan Skywalker, Luke's second son
  • Donald Jones as Anakin Skywalker, Luke's oldest son
  • Justin Nichols as Justin Skywalker, Luke's youngest son
  • Catilynne Elliot as Selena Skywalker
  • Anna Roe as Anna Skywalker, Jessica's youngest child
  • Austin Pape as Austin Skywalker, Jessica's oldest child
  • Taylor Kilborn as Kilborn Skywalker, Luke's cousin
  • Camaro Nichols-King as Camaro "the bunny" Skywalker