The film starts out with Brandon Nichols, Kiley Coolidge, and Justin Nichols exploring behind Kiley's house and then are chased by a T-rex to Brandon's house. The next scene shows the dinosaur sticking its head through Brandon's bedroom window. The next day at Brandon's school, the T-rex is searching for food and it runs into the front entrance of his school running into the cafeteria and then chasing kids to a cornfield half a mile away. Another T-rex shows up but is killed in a fight.The police later show up and then are chased away by the T-rex. Later the next day, another T-rex chases a group of kids and adults to a lot of police cars. In all the wake, Anna Roe, Austin Pape, Krystofer Baker, David Croft, Eddie Balada, Caitlynne Elliot, Anthony Staples, Gage Sorge, Kara Dean, Michelle Edgcomb, James Stout, Taylor Kilborn, Emily Lewis, Kayden Louks, and Donald Jones are all killed in the attack. Two days later in Scranton PA., a third T-rex is chasing people through downtown and it kills 13 people. The dinosaur that chased the group attacks Brandon's school once again and Brandon is nearly killed. Later that day in Mansfield PA., a fourth T-rex is attacking downtown and then it is killed by the Millitary. The T-rex that chased Brandon to his house twice, attacks a zoo outside of Wellsboro PA. (animalland). It kills half the animals and two people. The other one that has survived roars and then they fight until one is wounded and can't fight anymore. The wounded dinosaur comes to fight it again but is scared off when it is attacked by velocirapters. The wounded T-rex attacks a villiage 26 miles outside of Scranton. It kills a dog and then smashes a house. It then heads for Towanda and as it heads for there, it is attacked by velocirapters and then heads for Tioga. When it arrives in Tioga, it meets its last competitor, the other T-rex. The wounded one is killed and then the last T-rex heads for the sunset and then roars in victory.


A sequel is planned for release in 2014 and will film in early 2013. It will feature new dinosaurs including, Stegsaurus, and Allosaurus, the ancsester of the T-rex.